Constantin Schlachter

At the beginning of Christianity, Gyrovagi were wandering monks without fixed residence or leadership. Free from all dogmas, they were constrained by
a strong link to nature and primitive matter. From wanderings and retreats in the Nature - those lonely periods which transform experiences and lead to self-interrogations - Constantin Schlachter developed an ascetic and instinctive photography, following the way of thinking of the Gyrovagi.
Between 2011 and 2016 he photographed his feelings by means of the landscape and its details. Using different media (cameras and microscope) and through analog and digital manipulations, he fixes the original emotion he experienced.
La Trajectoire du Gyrovague is an inner-quest in mental landscapes, where the notions of micro-macro, organic-mineral are confused, thus forming a loop where subjects are constantly reinvented and transformed.
In this obscure and natural noise, primeval sensations of the human being, maternal caves and mystical creatures echo all around. With the confrontation
of those symbolic images, a backcountry of the mind is created, leaving us to roam a mental realm dominated by Nature.

Format : 270 x 200 mm
Photographies : Constantin Schlachter
Texte : Constantin Schlachter
96 pages
250 exemplaires signés
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